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Rental Policies

  1. For the purpose of this license Don Martin Vacation Rentals shall hereinafter be referred as DMVR.
  2. All balances are due 30 days in advance of your check-in date.
  3. DMVR requires a copy of your valid driver’s license or other form of government issued, photo identification to be on file at the time of check-in. It is best to provide a copy of your ID prior at this time as it will quicken the check-in process.  You may scan your identification and email it to, or fax it to (609) 522-7755.
  4. DMVR requires to that you place a copy of a valid debit or credit card on file. You agree that DMVR may place incidental charges against your credit card as may be applicable and warranted for reasons contained herein.
  5. Check-in time is at or after 3:00PM. Check-in is at the office of DMVR. If checking in later than 5:00 PM you must contact DMVR prior to this time so that special arrangements can be made for you to gain access to the rental premise. Please call (609) 522-3366 for more information.
  6. Check-out is at or before 10:00 AM.  Return all keys and  parking permits to the rental office no later than 10:00 AM.  You must have all personal property removed, your vehicle(s) off  the property and have vacated the premise to avoid an additional fee of $300 being assessed against your security or charged against your credit card on file.
  7. Lessee is required to either post a $500.00 security deposit or in lieu thereof elect to purchase Accidental Property Protection through DMVR, which provides $1,000 of accidental damage protection. In addition the lessee is required to leave a valid credit card on file for incidental charges. 

____ I choose to purchase Accidental Loss and Damage Property Protection for $60. The protection provides protection against “accidental”  loss and damage, only .

____ I choose to post a $500 refundable security deposit

If applicable your security will be returned within 30 days of check-out and no charges will be made against the credit card held on file provided the following:

  • No accidental damage or loss has occurred to the house or contents, beyond normal wear and tear (Applies only when accidental loss protection is not purchased).
  • Trash and recyclables are properly separated and disposed of in accordance to instructions provided at check-in.
  • All dinnerware is washed and stowed in cabinets where found.
  • All guest have vacate the rental premise on time and the rental premise is left n a “broom swept” condition.
  • The grill, (if any), is left cleaned and the grease trap emptied
  • Keys and parking permits, (if applicable) are return to the rental office before 10: AM of your scheduled check-out day. There is a key drop box located at the front door of the office should the office be closed when you depart.
  • GUEST complies with all terms contained herein, as well as any specific house or condominium rules that may be provided.

The determination of any of the above is at the sole discretion of the DMVR

GUEST must report any damage to DMVR at check-in to avoid disputed charges.

GUEST accepts the above terms and agrees to be held responsible for all breakage or other damage or loss to the PREMISES which may result from occupancy of the PREMISES, except normal wear.

DMVR has a strict no cancellation policy. However, in the event DMVR successfully re-rents the premise you will be refunded to the extent that the property owner and DMVR sustain no loss on the re-rental. In such event a $250.00 cancellation fee will apply. DMVR strongly recommends that you purchase trip cancellation insurance through Rental Guardian, a third party insurer. Please visit their web site www.Rental Guardian for policy details.

____ I wish to purchase trip cancellation/interruption  insurance, (any reason option). The premium for this is equal to 9.8% of the rental rate.

 ____ I wish to purchase standard trip cancellation/interruption insurance.  The premium for this option is equal to 7% of the rental rate.

____ I do not wish to purchase trip insurance.

8. GUEST shall take good care of the PREMISES including appliances, equipment and furnishings. GUEST takes full responsibility for all conditions caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of the GUEST(S) and/or person(s) accompanying LESSEE.

9. If GUEST defaults in the performance of any of the obligations contained herein, OWNER shall be entitled to recover all costs and expenses as well as court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

10. AT THE END OF THE TERM, GUEST IS RESPONSIBLE to vacate on or before the scheduled check- out time. At that time of check-out GUEST is responsible to clean and stow away all kitchen wares in cabinets where found ; remove all food from refrigerator; remove all properly separated and bagged trash and recyclables from the PREMISES as instructed at check-in; make all beds and; leave the house in “broom swept” condition  GUEST will be responsible for any excessive cleaning charges, if necessitated at sole discretion of DMVR.

11. At check-in DMVR will provide two sets of all the necessary keys to facilitate access to the building and unit, along with any applicable permits and passes  to the GUEST.  In event the Lessee shall fail to leave the keys, permits and passes on the dining table at check-out or; such keys, permits or passes are lost or; malfunctioning as a result of neglect, the GUEST shall be liable for the full cost of repair or replacement, plus a $50.00 service fee.

12. Unless specifically provided for herein, No Pets or Animals of any kind are allowed in the premise or on the property.

13. Utilities are included unless otherwise noted.

14. GUEST agrees that no tents, RVs, trailers or overnight campers shall be placed or parked on the PREMISES.

15. GUEST agrees and acknowledges that a) rearranging furniture is not permitted, b) outdoor grilling (if provided for) is limited to the gas grill provided on site; c) NO CHARCOAL GRILLS ARE PERMITTED ON THE PRREMISES; d) FIRE WORKS OF ANY KIND ARE PROHIBITED; e) Owner or DMVR is not responsible for any objectionable noise or construction at nearby properties.

16. GUEST acknowledges that the equipment and furnishings at the PREMISES are to the owner’s taste and are set up for normal housekeeping. Kitchen equipment, mattress pads, pillows and bedspreads are provided.  GUEST shall provide their own linens, bath and beach towels, paper products (i.e. toilet tissue, paper towels), cleaning supplies and personal products.  GUEST shall not be entitled to any rebate for faulty appliances, equipment, air conditioners or any other advertised amenity.  Upon notice by GUEST of any malfunction, DMVR will make every effort to repair/replace same as soon as possible but, this is not guaranteed.

17. GUEST shall not use, occupy or permit the described premises or any part thereof to be used or occupied for any unlawful, illegal, immoral or hazardous purpose.

18. Loud and unruly behavior will not be tolerated. If neighbors, police officials, or homeowner association notifies DMVR as result of such behavior, GUEST(S) will be evicted immediately and forfeit all money paid.

19. GUEST acknowledges and agrees that use of any and all components and facilities, (i.e. swimming pools, exercise equipment), within and adjacent to the leased premise is done so at GUEST’S election and at GUEST’S own risk. GUEST assumes complete responsibility for any loss or damage occasioned thereby, including bodily injury or death to GUEST, GUEST’S named occupants or invitees.  GUEST herby indemnifies, holds harmless and will defend both OWNER and DMVR against any and all claims of any nature whatsoever arising from GUEST’S use of the rental property and amenities.

20. DMVR has the right and GUEST waives any legal action in the event it is determine, at the sole discretion of DMVR, that a hazardous condition exists in the rental premise or on the rental property that poses a threat to the health and welfare of the occupants. In such event, DMVR will refund any unused portion of the rent to the GUEST.

21. In the event that GUEST does not take possession of the PREMISES or make payments as provided herein, it shall be considered a breach of this License and DMVR may re-rent the PREMISES without liability on the part of OWNER or DMVR to the GUEST.

22. AT NO TIME shall the number of persons be in excess of the occupancy limit set forth herein. Exceeding the occupancy limit shall be deemed a breach of the License and DMVR reserves the right to terminate the License, evict the GUEST(S) and retain the total rental fee plus any Security Deposit.  The hosting of parties anywhere on the PREMISES is not permitted.

23. Smoking is not permitted in the interior of the rental premise.

24. The PREMISES are not available to “group” type rentals or to any persons under the age of twenty-five (25) unless accompanied by and supervised by a parent or legal guardian. Misrepresentation shall void this License and all monies shall be forfeited.

25. GUEST agrees to the terms of this License, any house rules and instructions as may be provided by Owner and/or the Homeowner’s Association in their entirety.

26. DMVR and /or OWNER shall not be liable to GUEST OR GUEST’S named occupants, guests or invitees for loss or damage to GUEST’S personal property or the personal property belonging to GUEST’S named occupants, guest or invitees, through fire, theft, or any cause whatsoever. GUEST occupies this property at their “own risk.  DMVR, OWNER and GUEST agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the others from claims of third parties arising from their own negligence.

27. GUEST acknowledges and agrees to follow all the Rules as may be provided by DMVR, Owner or Homeowners Association as may be attached, along with any rules as may be posted on the property or in the rental premise.

28. This License shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of the State of New Jersey. Any action relating to this Lease shall be instituted and prosecuted in the Superior Court of New Jersey located in Cape May County.

29. GUEST shall pay reasonable attorney’s fees and all costs in the event that GUEST fails to comply with its obligations under this Licence and the matter is referred to an attorney by the OWNER. If any action at law or in equity shall be brought under this License, or for account of any breach of , or to enforce or interpret any of the covenants, terms, or conditions of this License, or for the recovery of possession of the PREMISES, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the other party, reasonable attorneys ‘ fees and costs, the amount of which shall be fixed by the court and shall be made a part of any judgment or decree rendered.

30. As inducement for the OWNER to enter into this License; except as may be prohibited by law, GUEST hereby knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally waive the right to a trial by jury in respect to any litigation based hereon, or arising out of GUEST’S occupancy of the rental premise.

31. This License and any attachments thereto, contains the entire agreement. No representations have been made by any parties, except for as set forth herein. The terms of this License may only be modified by written agreement, signed by DMVR and the GUEST.  The covenants and conditions herein contained shall apply to and bind the heirs, successors, executors, administrators and legal assigns of the parties hereto.

32. All language in this Licens is intended to binding on the parties hereto. If for any reason any of the clauses of the License, are nullified by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining clauses will remain valid and in full effect.

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